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Access the internet from anywhere in the world from the security of your home or office. Using your preferred browser, apps, and tools your internet experience feels exactly as it does now and with OpenVPN you can securely connect to clusters of geo locations across the globe. Providing you with secure online operations for research, competitive intelligence, due diligence, or simply to disguise your identity online.

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  • Array X

    Is your company or industry governed by a regulatory body? Are you required to comply with regulatory bodies that mandate red teaming and/or penetration testing for network assurance? Do you have an internal pen-testing team? Array X allows network assurance teams to appear as a public IP address in any location on the GP Array network. Using OpenVPN you can securely connect to clusters of geo locations across the globe. With access to all ports your infrastructure is established allowing you to focus on what you were hired to do without the hassle of having to set up and manage your own infrastructure.

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  • Chamber

    Imagine a virtual SCIF. The ability to share sensitive information across the globe to collaborate with your team. Many organizations have attempted to solve this difficult problem and have only created a greater challenge. Chamber is uniquely configured using open source and speciality tools allowing you to secure, store and share your most important data.

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Your team needs to securely communicate over multiple platforms across the globe. The moment you add a third party to any one to one communication your information is forced to access a server. The major problem is the person who owns or can access that server and what they are doing with the data they are collecting. Using OpenVPN your communications will operate securely across a cluster of secure servers across the globe.

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Expertise in secure enterprise solution architecture is not optional. Our security professionals support projects during all phases of your secure System Development Lifecycle including planning, requirement definition, system design review, development, technology implementation, testing, maintenance, and decommissioning. The Lucid security assessment program identifies risks within your environment. Our penetration testing and vulnerability scanning teams simulate an attackers actions by targeting your environment with the same tools and techniques used by your adversaries. When paired with a security program, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning services can help Array reduce the risk to your environment.

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  • About Us

    There is no substitute for experience and at Graypier Technology our team of extremely deep domain professionals represent the rare quality and capabilities of the best of the national security community. We build and deliver advanced, highly secure but extremely intuitive security products and services to combat the persistent and growing cyber threat to you, your networks and your enterprise. We do this by bringing to bear for you professionals with relevant and current skills to defeat the threat committed to defeat you. Every member of our team has served silently for years combating and defeating the most advanced and dangerous threats you now face. Now, they do that for you.

    Hard problems. Smart people. Results.

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